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Article provided by: Karma Movers St Petersburg FL

Saint Petersburg Fl Moving Company

If you’re moving, getting a moving quote from the moving company is one of the first steps in the moving process. The idea is to get an accurate cost. Some movers will quote all costs associated with the move, while others may only show you a few charges to win the business, and then include other fees after you’ve booked the order. So you need to be cautious about getting a moving quote. Here are some tips to help you get moving quotes with better accuracy. 

  1. Deal with a Reputable Company

Dealing with trustworthy and reputable movers like Karma Movers is the first step towards getting quality and accurate moving quotes. Reputable movers are always transparent in every deal because they have their image to protect. They will give you an accurate moving quote with no hiding charges. You can avoid fraudulent extortions during your move by dealing with reputable movers. 

  1. Provide a Detail Inventory

You need to provide a detailed inventory to get moving quotes with better accuracy. The detailed inventory lets your potential mover know all the items you intend to move. Make your inventory as details as possible and avoid any confusion on your part. Include all large appliances, furniture pieces, smaller items, or any other items. You are going to get accurate moving quotes if you can provide a well-detailed inventory.

  1. Request for an On-Site Estimate

On-site estimates are more accurate than online or phone estimates. The estimates given over the phone or online can never be as precise as a written estimate given on-site because they are just a calculated guess of the total moving cost. It’s best to invite the moving company’s representative to your premise for an on-site estimate. This helps them arrive at a more accurate moving quote. 

  1. Ask About Hidden Fees

Sometime, the initial moving quote provided by the moving company may not include extra services such as long carry, shuttle service, packing services, additional packing supplies, bulky items, and more. Ask the moving company if there are hidden fees or charges. Ask about the reason for these extra charges. The moving company should be able to provide suitable answers to your questions and concerns about the fees in the moving quote. 

  1. Consider the Moving Date

The date of your move can affect the moving cost. Your move may cost more if you move during the peak moving season. However, you can save costs by allowing the moving company to choose a suitable moving date for you. Some moving company offers accurate and subsidized quotes for clients that are flexible with the moving date.

Contact A Reputable Saint Petersburg FL Moving Company

Karma Movers understands the importance of having an accurate moving quote. As a reputable Saint Petersburg FL moving company serving those who need local, commercial, and residential moving services, we know precisely how to get the best quote. So if you are preparing for a move in Saint Petersburg, FL, give us a call, and our representative will be at your doorstep to provide you with an accurate quote. 





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