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Customized carpet cleaning for your home. Get rid of stains and make your carpet look like new.

Remove unwanted dust, dirt, and grime from your furniture upholstery. Your fabrics will look like fresh and clean, leaving you with a cleaner home.

Get rid of the grime and achieve clean tile and grout. Our equipment will remove years of built up grease and stains.

Flooding can create lasting damage to your home. Our water damage restoration services will ensure your home is safe.

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Rubbish Removal London Ontario

Rubbish Removal London Ontario

Save money on residential rubbish removal in London, Ontario when you contact Load of Rubbish to handle your project. If you’re dealing with a garage filled with unwanted items, household trash, renovation debris, or any other type of junk that you need to be hauled away, you should know there’s a reliable junk removal company in London, ON that can take on any size or scope of removal. Simply call our office to request a free quote and set up a time for our crew to come out.

5 Types of Rubbish Removal That We Offer

1. Garage cleanouts are one of the most popular services we offer at Load of Rubbish. If your garage has slowly become a storage unit instead of a place to park your vehicle and store tools and equipment, you could benefit significantly from our services. Clearly label the items you want our team to haul off and we’ll leave the rest, helping you get organized as you reclaim your garage space.

2. London, Ontario old furniture removal and disposal is another service our clients deeply appreciate. Furniture can be cumbersome to move so that, often, homeowners will simply relocate old furniture to unused bedrooms or out into the garage- that’s where we come in. We can donate, repurpose, and recycle your old furniture and leave you with more free space in your home.

3. Do you have a half-finished basement that is inaccessible due to boxes and bags of trash or unused items piling up? We recommend throwing out any boxes or bags that have not been opened in more than 5 years, unless they contain family heirlooms or keepsakes. Call us to pick up junk from your basement and around your home; you’ll breathe a sigh of relief knowing those items are gone for good.

4. Trash in your attic can quickly become a new home for rodents, giving them a place to breed and create an unhealthy environment for your family. Rodent feces that enter your home’s ductwork can contaminate the air you breathe, so it’s in your best interest to remove boxes and bags filled with paperwork or other items where rats, mice, or squirrels can nest. Contact Load of Rubbish when you need access to the best junk removal services in London, ON. We offer much more than just junk removal service; see our complete list on our website and call us any time you need one or more items hauled away.

5. Yard waste can detract from curb appeal and create tension among neighbors. Load of Rubbish can take care of all types of yard trash, leaving your backyard and property looking terrific. For junk removal in London, Ontario, call our office at 519-637-6928 and we’ll be right out. Compare our rates and services to see the value we offer to our community.

Load of Rubbish can meet every trash and junk removal need at an affordable cost, providing peace of mind that your items will be recycled, repurposed, and donated before making their way to the landfill.

Rubbish Removal London Ontario
Load of Rubbish Junk Removal
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Rubbish Removal London Ontario
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